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HR Professional | Military Member | Military Spouse | Veteran | Learner | Traveler

This business was a glimmer of a thought in a far away desert while wearing an Army uniform and taking a break from the business world.

This experience led to thoughts of focusing more time on performing work that I enjoyed. One of the best ways I could think of doing this was creating my own business so I started working on a plan.

Having returned home and transitioned back to the business world, I re-focused on the idea that my 20 year military anniversary was quickly approaching. It was important to find a role that would allow me continued engagement with that community. This contributed to the plan.

A few questions started to come regarding how to handle situations with military members in the civilian workplace. Many human resources professionals are not as familiar with military specific circumstances and I was able to offer assistance. It was through this that I felt like I could provide translation between military members and the civilian organizations they work for, helping to create opportunities for success for both. This helped solidify the business idea and put the plan into action.

Through encouragement, support and persistence ABB Consulting became a reality.