Provide connection.

Occasionally military members and/or their family members need to talk to someone who is familiar with what they are going through whether its about a training weekend or deployment. Sometimes offering this type of support in the workplace can mean a world of difference to an employee.

ABB can help by being available to talk and listen, providing a level of understanding for both military members and their family.

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ABB has been helping military members and their families for years. These honors were bestowed in recognition of her work.

The Honorable Order of Our Lady of Loreto

Since 1920 Our Lady of Loreto has been recognized as the patron saint of aviators. This award celebrates the sacrifice, support, security, and caring provided by those at home and in the larger Army Aviation Community that make it possible for Army Aviation Soldiers to accomplish their missions despite changes in circumstances, location, and separation from loved ones.

Awarded as a result of supporting aviation units both at home and deployed overseas.

Military Point of Contact of the Year

The Military Point of Contact (MPOC) is a liaison between a military unit and it's Family Readiness Group (FRG), a network for connecting military members and families. The MPOC provides guidance to the unit commander and communication between the commander and the FRG members.

Awarded at the Wisconsin National Guard 2012 Family Program Conference in recognition of her role as an MPOC.