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ABB Consulting was a great help in partnering with us to establish a recruiting presence and candidate flow from within the Military community.  When I came onboard I was tasked with a large recruiting goal to support our organization’s growth.  Our company values and knows the power in the talent coming out of the military community.  We didn’t have the internal resources and ABB was the exact right fit to partner with us on setting up our efforts and establishing the relationships that would support our hiring goals.  Angela is knowledgeable, passionate about helping both the military community and companies like us grow and prosper.  She jumped right in to streamline our project and got us up and running in a short period of time.  I am grateful for her expertise and would highly recommend her services.

Mary B., Milwaukee, WI

It is an honor for me to recommend Dr. Angela Becker-Bradley, for work regarding survey development and data analysis. I have worked closely with Dr. Becker-Bradley over the last year on a number of different projects. During our collaboration, Dr. Becker-Bradley utilized her Human Resources background and education to assist with development of two different organizational surveys, as well as providing a user-friendly product to help analyze the survey data. These surveys are now being utilized at the state level and are being considered for use nationally. Additionally, she volunteered to conduct a presentation to a group of leaders regarding generational differences in an organization that was quite well received and appreciated. I can confidently say that Dr. Becker-Bradley would bring great value to any organization and give her my highest recommendation.

Brian R., Madison, WI

I had the pleasure of working with Angela at a nonprofit where she was an HR executive with over 100 employees. During that time, my husband was deployed overseas and I didn’t have peers who understood. Angela readily created a military network within our workplace and facilitated meetups, providing me with the positivity and support I needed. 

Angela is well versed in military life on both a personal and professional level, and particularly impressive is her ability to bridge the gap between military members and the workplace. I’m confident that her determination will continue to make a positive impact in our community.

A.C., WI

Angela was the Business Process Manager at one of the facilities I managed under my HR responsibilities, as part of Angela's role she was also responsible for handling day to day HR administration. I could always count on Angela's dependability, devotion to her job, and compassion because it made my life much easier. I knew Angela would complete tasks in a timely manner because not only is she extremely efficient but she also has excellent time management skills. Angela is kind, caring, and would go out of her way to make any employee feel that they have her complete attention- even amongst the chaos of the day. I have the upmost respect and gratitude for Angela and know she would make a great asset to any organization!

Dana O., TX

In the years I worked with Angela at Hexagon Metrology she was one of the most talented people I have ever worked with. I know her to be a very well organized extremely detailed individual who was always seeking knowledge. I know that Angela was respected by all and admired by her peers. It was a pleasure working with Angela. I am certain that her talent will propel her to the top of any company she works for in the future.

Mike B., MI

Angela gets the job done! And, she is an outstanding person to work with.

Tim O., FL